Life Stories to Connect the Generations

Who are these people without the story? So often people are left to wonder about the photos their ancestors leave behind. Occasionally, like in the case of my mother, we took the time to sit down and identify the people in the photos and for me to record her story. The greatest gift you can leave your family is a lasting legacy of the story of your life–the adventures, the joys, the sorrows, the lessons learned.

My mother Sybil Tyler (r.), my grandmother Florence Mildred Rice Tyler, and my uncle Gordon Tyler, circa 1923.

This is a beautiful photo for which I’m grateful. And even more grateful that mom and I took the time to identify it and a number of other photos she left for me. She was 101 when she died, so we had ample opportunity for her to tell the stories and identify the photos. Others do not have that amount of time, which is why I provide the service that I do.

Connect the Generations offers people the opportunity to tell their story, to share their memories, and to relate their story to the the photos in their lives, preserving both the story and the photos for future generations.

Sometimes family members are too busy to think about the stories their parents and grandparents have to share, or when they do think about it, it seems like a daunting task to record.  But in years to come a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild will wish that someone had taken the time to record their loved one’s story.

My grandfather Stanley Goudey dictated his life story to his daughter, my Aunt Marg, when he was in his late 90s. It is a treasure for me to read about his life growing up in Nova Scotia, his quest westward, how he made and lost his money, how he grew organic avocado and cherimoya in Camarillo, California and sold the organic fruit to health food stores in Los Angeles. He also painted houses, and later in life invested in the stock market, became a vegetarian after contracting tuberculosis, and lived to be 101. My Aunt Marge’s gift to me is of inestimable value.

I meet with a client and we review what they hope to accomplish by telling their life story. Everyone has a story to tell and how it is presented makes all the difference. I will create a package that suits their interests and their finances.

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and I’ve been a photographer for 35 years. I was a writer, editor and photographer and page designer for a community newspaper for five years, giving me the opportunity to produce multiple personal profiles.

Project prices vary according to the length of the project. I charge $45 an hour for the first 5 hours and $35 for every hour after that. Genealogical research is $25 an hour.

You can contact me at, at 509-969-5541, or on Facebook, at Life Stories to Connect the Generations.


2 responses to “Life Stories to Connect the Generations

  1. This is a grand idea. Think of the lonely people in nursing homes who simply need someone to listen to their story. To have it written would have to be a gift to hold on to during the times they feel most alone.

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