Moving blog soon

I’m in the process of creating a new web site, except that it’s not really a web site…it’s a blog that you can sorta kinda make look like a web site, but not really, even though that’s what “they” tell you.

I want to advertise my business: I help people write or edit their life stories (or anything else a person would like to write.)

I’ve changed the name of the new blog to Connecting Points, Stories Matter.  Still too long a title, but I haven’t come up with a shorter title. And it’s also going to be the name of the business…I think. Creating a web site is taxing to my brain.

But it was time to do something new with the blog. How long can you write about “Life After … Taking Care of Mom.” Mom has been gone almost a year and a half, and although there are still moments, I feel like it’s time to move on in some way. What that will look like remains to be read.

I will still write about “Life After,…” mainly because I’m working on a memoir, which I talk about on the new blog web site. I keep talking to people going through the mourning experience. A friend’s husband is about to die. Another one just died. Perhaps I’ll write the next “Who Dies,” by Stephen Levine.

I joined the Association of Personal Historians, a good organization that also has me completely intimidated, mainly because I’ve been checking out the member web sites, which really are web sites, and not blogs.

One personal historian charges $700 an hour, which is sorta kinda absurd. Why would you charge that much to sit down with someone to write their story? (For starters, it’s a long complicated process…but $700 an hour?) Husband says “He charges that much because he can. He’s going after the wealthy.”

I say, “I’m charging $45 an hour and in this community that’s going after the wealthy.” Which is an exaggeration. But you have to be damned good to charge $700. But that good? He lives in Vancouver, B.C., if that means anything.

Learning how much he charges encouraged me to raise my rates–to $46 an hour. I might even go to $47.

Stay tuned for a new address.


11 responses to “Moving blog soon

  1. Ah, ha. I knew you were up to something. I was hoping it was good, and it is.

    What about “Story Points” for a title? If not, maybe punctuate the title differently, as in “Connecting Points ~ Stories Matter”? I suppose it depends on whether you want “connecting” to function more as a verb or a compound noun.

    $700? Are you kidding me? That either proves the market will bear a whole lot more than I thought, Canadians are more stupid than I thought, or he’s turned into the literary equivalent of Henri the Hairdresser that everyone just has to have.

    Oh, I can be such a cynic. 😉

  2. HA HA…thank you for validating my shock. I’m thinking it’s C, Henri the Hairdresser. But I should be careful what I say here, as he may end up reading this post some far off distant day when I’m Martha the “Hairdresser,” and charging $57 an hour.

    As for grammar. I like Story Points. Also like “Connecting Points ∼ Stories Matter.” On the blog Connecting Points is the main title and Stories Matter is another smaller subtitle under Points.

    Wouldn’t Connecting Points be adjective/noun.

    I’m in a muddle (as mom would say). I’m not confident I like this. I think I need a week at the ocean. More feedback welcome.

  3. Just when I thought I was on the other side of grief, I had another meltdown. Trying not to force myself into someone else’s timeline. Somedays it works! Good luck with the blog/website. Seriously, is anyone’s time worth $700 an hour? Guess it’s all relative!

  4. Exactly…I will continue writing about what comes up around grief and missing my mom. There are whole days I don’t think much about her. We spent last weekend with a couple. The woman just lost her dad in December. Her mom is 98. She talked about her grief about the passing of her dad, and carried her phone in her hip pocket because of her mom. It was a poignant reminder of whence I came.

  5. I’m so happy you found me, so I could find you 🙂
    It will take me some time, but I look forward to reading your blogs (old and new) in some organized fashion, in a leisurely way. It is both sweet and savoury and deserves a cup of tea, which I am steeping right now. Now you have ME thinking of names for your blog (I love naming things!) I so look forward to spending time here.
    I look forward to seeing the new project, and put my on the alert list for your memoir!

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